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Safety Health & Environment Factor

Risk reduction and high levels of performance in plant and employee safety are achieved through comprehensive systems of design, training reporting and review. Proper safety equipments are installed at risky places and are also provided to the workers to ensure safety.


Pre-employment check-ups, annual routine health surveillance and targeted health check-ups are conducted at continental medical center. The company also provides a doctor who visits weekly to ensure proper health of employees.



Numerous scrubbing systems are an integral part of all the manufacturing facilities of Continental Chemicals. Analysis of vent gases and monitoring of ambient air are done routinely. Newer, cleaner technologies prevent degradation of air quality.


All the factory sites have extensive pipeline systems to keep the ground water free of any contamination. The state-of-art effluent treatment plants are of large capacity so as to fully treat all influents generated from the manufacturing facilities.

The treated effluents meet specified standards and are transported in covered C.E.T.P. pipelines to be discharged in zones demarcated for this purpose by the regulatory authorities.

  Safet, Health & Environment


Spent acid generated from ASC washing is neutralized by limestone producing Gypsum which is send to Cement industries. Iron sludge produced from Be champ reduction process is also send to Cement industries. The Carbon sludge generated is dumped in landfill.

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