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President : Mr.Satish Agrawal

Acting as a member of
C.I.I. (Confederation of Indian Industries)
G.C.I. (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce)
G.D.M.A. (Gujarat Dyestuffs Manufacturing Association)
N.I.A. (Naroda Industries Association)
N.E.P.L. (Naroda Environ Project Limited)
C.P.C.N. (Cleaner Production Centre)

He has a pharmaceutical education with lots of chemistry in his aim which has given him today the ability to phrase a network of chemical manufacturing and trading concerns in the global arena.

Technical and production activities are well directed and looked after by him, who is been customary with this industry for more than a couple of decades. He has been trained with professionalism to handle any stormy hit technical situation that influences the company’s production activities by putting in service the prime available resources within the given framework.

Our staff members comprises of various skilled persons including Managers, Scientists, Chemists, Electricians, etc. where each and every one is contributing his best for the upliftment of the company. Not only staff members but operators and workers too are versatile in handling any plant operation.

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